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Some of the progressive Utrecht Startups!


Energie365 enables end users to generate revenues by turning down temporarily non-essential power installations (pump, cooling, heating etc.) or turning on existing on-site generation (emergency power installations). Energie365 provides a more sustainable way to keep the grid in balance by managing the demand side and capturing this value for end users.

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Faqta is an online learning environment for elementary school children. On this online environment children are able to learn about arts, science, culture, nature and society. Faqta is developed by teachers and experts who bring their real world to that of the children in the form of challenging tasks and questions.

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Stucomm is an app for students, in which they can find all their study related communications – like schedules, courses and grades. And that’s quite necessary, considering the overload of unclear messages students get. Founders Ronald Kouvelt and William Verveen are targeting all higher education organizations in The Netherlands – and beyond. The startup has high expectations: by the end of 2016 Stucomm wants to get hold of one third of the Dutch market, and aims for international expansion.

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Snappcar doesn’t need an introduction in The Netherlands. The car sharing platform quickly became the showpiece of the Dutch sharing economy. Millions of euros invested by VC’s and crowdfunders show that CEO Victor van Tol isn’t alone in his vision. Snappcar is on its way to conquer Europe: last year the startup acquired its Swedish and Danish competitors.

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This UtrechtInc startups dreams of a world without use of fossil fuels. Sustainable alternatives however literally don’t come cheap. That’s why Senfal makes green energy more affordable. It does so by creating an algorithm which makes the storage of energy profitable for operators. Senfal places a smart device which measures when energy rates are cheapest. This way as a consumer and industry you’re always assured of the lowest price for green energy.

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Boekzorg wants to make healthcare more easily accessible and bookable for everyone in the Netherlands (and initially Utrecht). You can search by location, name or specialty via the website. The results can be easily compared and an appointment directly booked from the calendar.

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Prolira is one of many medtech startups in Utrecht. At ScienceInc, the incubator dedicated to academic startups, Prolira develops a new medical device to diagnose and monitor delirium. This is a frequent complication with patients on the intensive care – a severe disturbance of consciousness and cognition. Although the complications are very well known, recognising delirium in time is still hard to do. Prolira has the solution!

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Online journalism and business models: they don’t go hand in hand all the time. Blendle, founded by Marten Blankensteijn and Alexander Klöpping, is here to change that. The startup can be called the ’iTunes of journalism’: users can read and pay articles per piece, instead of buying a whole issue. Thanks to an investment by New York Times and Axel Werner, Blendle is active in Germany and is expanding to the US soon.

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Revisely is an online revise tool for teachers. The startup supports teachers and students in the whole process of a writing assignment. A feedback database makes it easy for teachers to give their students more relevant feedback. Also, an automated plagiarism checker makes revising even faster.

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Second hand clothing isn’t something to be ashamed of anymore – it’s trendy and sustainable. UnitedWardrobe is the online marketplace for buying and selling second hand clothing. The startup is located in the centre of Utrecht in the beautiful old postal office at Neude. In 2014 UnitedWardrobe made its name by winning the audience award at the Accenture Innovation Awards.

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Met de Dutch Mobility Hackathon stellen de ANWB, NS en Schiphol op 17 en 18 november meer dan 20 datasets beschikbaar. Developers en andere (data) specialisten worden uitgedaagd om deze te analyseren, combineren en visualiseren tot nieuwe innovaties. De ANWB, Schiphol, NS en UtrechtInc zetten zich gezamenlijk in voor slimme en duurzame mobiliteit. Hierbij zien […]



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#StartupUtrecht is the official Utrecht hub under the umbrella of the StartupDelta initiative.

We aim to bring together founders, angels, universities, venture capitalists, creatives, corporates and banks to build and expand the Utrecht startup ecosystem one giant leap at a time. This is how we do it:


The #StartupUtrecht portal is here for everyone who wants to know what goes on in Utrecht. We organise interesting events around specific problems the ecosystem faces in the topics ’founders’, ’matchmaking’ and ’skills’. Of course you can share your own events by posting it on our online community agenda.


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